Group B Rally Cars

Group B Rally Car Display

We are pleased to welcome a collection of awesome Group B Rally Cars to Tunerfest. The icons of the 1980s, Group B represents what many feel were the most exciting days of the sport, with manufacturers and the world’s top drivers competing with cars that were massively powerful and took super-human skills to drive.

However, the combination of these two elements was to make then unsustainable and, 30 years ago at the end of the 1986 season, these incredible machines were outlawed from international competition. Consequently, they are a rare – but much admired – sight nowadays and therefore we are delighted to have a number of these cars with us today.

Organised by the Rallying With Group B Club, you’ll see these amazing machines on display in the outer paddock and performing demonstrations at various points during the day on the in-field rally stages. Plus, they will venture onto the main Oulton Park circuit for a series of demonstration laps.